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Navy Pier Green InitiativesNavy Pier is Proud to be an Environmentally- Friendly Facility!

Navy Pier takes responsibility for the impact of our activities on our visitors, employees, tenant companies and vendors, stakeholders, the community and the environment. We have implemented new business practices built around sustaining a healthy environment for future generations. We strive to incorporate the latest technologies and processes that make it convenient and cost-effective for all of our visitors, tenant companies and customers to help sustain and protect our world.

Our goal is to improve efficiency, reduce waste, conserve resources and STAY GREEN!

Improving Our Energy Efficiency
Efficient energy use is a key strategy in combating climate change and other environmental impacts. Navy Pier has taken steps to lower our dependence on non-renewable energy sources by:
  • Utilizing long-lasting, energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diodes) lamps
  • Installing a lighting automation system to conserve energy during non-operating hours
  • Installing speed drives on chilled and condenser water system pumps, so that systems reach peak performance level faster and convert energy more efficiently
  • Replacing potentially hazardous fluorescent light fixtures with safe, energy-efficient models
  • Installing occupancy sensors in offices, restrooms and meeting space to conserve energy when not in use
  • Participating in the Commonwealth Edison Curtailment Program by reducing our energy consumption during designated high-usage periods
Our efforts to reduce energy consumption save a total of 500,000 kilowatt hours each year!

  Ferris Wheel Even Chicago's most recognizable icon has joined the green movement! The famous Navy Pier Ferris wheel has more than 16,000 light bulbs and the wattage on these bulbs has been cut in half to save energy. The Ferris wheel is still a prominent feature of the nighttime skyline- it's just 5O% more efficient!

Preventing Pollution
Utilizing recovered resources, as well as reducing our overall resource consumption and the amount of waste that we generate are all important elements of pollution prevention.
  • Navy Pier has implemented technological innovations that contribute to pollution prevention, such as installing advanced scanner equipment that allows employees to send and store files electronically rather than consume unnecessary resources.
  • Navy Pier is proud to collaborate with our housekeeping contractor to keep our facility clean and healthy for all of our visitors by using 100% green-certified and environmentally-friendly cleaning products, as well as paper products made from 100% recycled material.
Navy Pier also contributes to pollution prevention by improving our water management practices to conserve this vital natural resource by:
  • Installing automated flush valves and faucets in restrooms to increase the efficiency of use as well as conserve water
  • Installing filtering system in office water coolers that utilizes existing plumbing system and eliminates the need for bottled water
Green Team Recycling Initiative
recycle bin Navy Pier's Green Team is committed to establishing environmental initiatives that contribute to the long-term maintenance of our ecosystem. The Green Team brings all areas of facility management to the table to continually discuss new ways to minimize Navy Pier's impact on the environment and works in partnership with our retailers and vendors to implement facility-wide recycling initiatives and other environmentally- friendly business practices.

The Green Team has established recycling incentives that make it easy, convenient and cost effective for Navy Pier tenants to recycle.

As a result of Navy Pier's recycling initiatives, seven times more recyclable material is collected per month- thatís equal to 144,000 more pounds of recycling per year!

Future Initiatives
  • Create Green education program
  • Educate employees on waste reduction practices
  • More comprehensive facility-wide recycling practices
  • Establish eco-friendly customer, tenant and event incentives
  • Monitor customer, tenant and event incentives compliance with green initiatives
  • Raise awareness of global climate change
  • Support eco-friendly meetings, conventions and expos by helping to facilitate post-show recycling for planners
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