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A Taste of Cirque Shanghai | Navy Pier

August 18, 2012

With only a few weeks remaining to witness the astonishing Cirque Shanghai – Year of the Dragon show at Navy Pier’s Pepsi® Skyline Stage, capture the flavor of the show’s Chinese heritage with this favorite recipe from director Miao Miao Chen. This dish is perfect for the end-of-summer season.


Traditional Steamed Fish

1 – whole carp (Remove scales and clean out fish’s internal organs, or have fish monger prep for you)

4 Tbsp.  peanut oil

1 green onion/scallion, sliced on the diagonal (both white and green parts)

4 Coriander leaves (can get at any Asian/Eastern market or Whole Foods)

1 Tbsp. salt

5 Tbsp. soy sauce

1 Tbsp. sesame oil



* Placed scaled and cleaned fish on a plate (or banana leaf) and put into steamer.

Cook/steam for 10 minutes.

*While fish is steaming, mix the sliced green onion, coriander, soy sauce, salt, and

sesame oil.

*Once fish is cooked, pour the mixture over the fish.

*Heat up the peanut oil, until very hot,and pour over the fish.


Serve with white rice and enjoy!


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