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Cirque Shanghai Performer Highlight: Wang Quan

August 13, 2014

Name: Wang Quan

Act: Comedy Bowl KickerWang Quan

Age: 29

Experience: 20 years

Favorite Chicago Activity: Six Flags

Favorite Things: Reading, playing pool, watching American TV shows

Wang Quan, the Comedy Bowl Kicker, has studied acrobatics for 20 years, been involved with

Cirque Shanghai since its inception, and traveled to Chicago with the troupe for the past three

summers. Unlike many of the other acrobats, Wang appears only in the Comedy Bowl Kicker

act, which he invented himself. What started as a hobby for Wang is now a staple of Cirque

Shanghai each year, included in every performance and most public appearances.

“The man’s dexterity and timing are astonishing. The mix of his skills and his ingratiating

personality blend into one of the great circus acts I’ve ever seen, and that covers scores of

Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers shows.”

– Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews

Don’t miss your chance to catch Wang Quan and the rest of the Cirque Shanghai cast in Cirque Shanghai: Warriors playing now through September 1 at the Navy Pier Pepsi Skyline Stage. Get your tickets today!



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