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First Time at Navy Pier: A Photo Blog

From Chicago natives to out-of-town visitors, almost everyone has a “first time at Navy Pier” story. Whether it was a first date or a family outing, a summery Ferris wheel ride or a wintry walk along the water, one’s first visit to the Pier is always a memorable one, and like any memorable moment, it must be captured on film! We asked our Facebook fans about their first time at Navy Pier, and they generously shared their pictures and stories with us. Take a look at some of their memories below; was your first visit like any of these?

156895_10201854210369529_398316287_n 908689_246503138828687_404883658_n 913214_246501775495490_970722190_n 995000_10200697515795170_1026697355_n 1010533_10201176111029409_2052809305_n 1463205_10151814432886861_2075834414_n 1480522_687045938001821_2141829615_n 1497181_664420856929979_1323688906_n1482781_10202502268785281_843523920_n  1505444_579395025474784_792546226_n 1506710_10201459063142115_39971875_n 1511690_722407247777812_436439451_n 1524969_10202420464904391_1143875890_n1514561_10201832408389616_1020012938_n  1525213_10151814432691861_1721964932_n 1525610_10202536484871904_1293363635_n 1526218_10202130059989527_587311404_n 1526334_579396875474599_1542690710_n 1526636_10151781782716783_1284944080_n 1527110_10202283468503984_43939958_n 1528723_579396665474620_1825008698_n 1535042_10202217946242425_1180947393_n 1535553_10202283475304154_1036318418_n 1535709_10152577153441164_1451269772_n 1551661_10151814432406861_1751331281_n 1555571_10202283472544085_1463446884_n 1557497_10151803402227245_809728963_n 1557552_10202951809656654_1172608329_n 1601171_10153666178255510_845479855_n

What a lovely walk down memory lane! So, what was your first visit to Navy Pier like? Share your story in the comments!


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