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Navy Pier Intern’s Experience


June 13, 2013

Being a summer intern at Navy Pier, I have been able to experience several aspects of the Pier in the summer time. Recently, my fellow intern and I were able to partake in a Shoreline Cruise.

Being 21 years old, when I thought of an architecture cruise, I thought of boring useless information about buildings I already knew about. But I was way off. When aboard the cruise, we were able to sit back, enjoy a drink, and listen to a remarkable tale of this beautiful city I grew up in.

The tour guide covered all the major attractions of Chicago as well as some of the hidden gems. She shared fun facts about the beautiful city and even pointed out where some celebrities workout and dine! I was so intrigued in what the cruise had to offer that the hour seemed to go by in an instant.

By the time the cruise was over, I learned more about Chicago than I thought possible. I would recommend Shoreline Cruises to people of all ages, and I would defiantly take my friends on a cruise next time they come down to Chicago.


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