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Navy Pier on a College Budget!

February 22, 2012

Don’t let Chicago burn a hole in your pocket! We all know that the city can be a bit pricy, especially for college students. It’s difficult to experience art and culture in Chicago without spending all of your cash! Fortunately, Navy Pier has the perfect solution for all of you college students out there.

Head on over to the Smith Museum of Stained Glass and experience art like never before! Over 150 stained glass windows make up this permanent display in the lower level terraces of Festival Hall. This museum is the first in the United States dedicated solely to stained glass windows! And guess what? The Smith Museum of Stained Glass is FREE! So put your wallets away; you won’t be spending a dime here!

Grab a bite on a budget!

Navy Pier offers a wide variety of restaurants and food. So why not take a lunch break and stop by Billy Goat Tavern? They have great burgers and fries that won’t break the bank! Billy Goat Tavern is a great place to take all your friends and enjoy great food with great company. And, thanks to the “Saturday Night Live” skit, it’s true Chicago icon!

After you’ve left Billy Goat Tavern take a look at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. An intimate theater with an incredible roster of talent and productions, discover the world of Shakespeare like never before!

Art and Culture!

The best part about the art and culture at Navy Pier is that it’s all in one place! There’s no waiting for the bus or the El to get you where you need to go. It’s just a quick walk right around the corner!

Navy Pier has an endless list of fun things to do! But I bet you never thought of it as being educational and budget-friendly. Now you’ve seen just a few of the places that will open your eyes and mind to the art and culture Chicago has to offer, but on a college student’s budget!



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