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Navy Pier: Pier Park Not Just for the Kids

October 10, 2011

So the warm days of summer are winding down, and you’re looking for a place to take the family before kissing the hot weather goodbye, right? We figured.  Look no further than our very own Pier Park!

Not only can you let the kiddies walk through a funhouse while you and the hubby take a romantic ride on the Ferris Wheel (assuming neither are too afraid of heights?) but you can enjoy a beautiful view of the skyline all at the same time!

Located on the upper deck, between the Crystal Gardens and the Pepsi Skyline Stage, Pier Park features a musical carousel, miniature golf, an old-fashioned swing ride, a 150-foot tall Ferris wheel, and more!

If you’ve never experienced Pier Park yourself, (or even if you have and want to know more information) here’s what you can expect…


Navy Pier Attractions at Pier Park

Ferris Wheel- Perhaps one of the biggest icons of Navy Pier, this gigantic 150-foot monster isn’t just for the little ones. With 40 gondolas seating up to six people each, that’s… well, you do the math. It provides extraordinary views of the city as well as the shoreline. It also runs year-round and is illuminated by thousands of lights during the evenings.

Wave Swinger- A old-fashioned adrenaline pumper, the Wave Swinger swings guests 14- feet above a pond for another beautiful view of the city. The Wave Swinger can hold 48 guests, and guests must be at least 48” tall to ride.

Miniature Golf Course- In case you feel like engaging in an activity that doesn’t make you regret eating that chili dog, low and behold, the miniature golf course! This attraction features 18 holes of Chicago-themed entertainment that weaves around the Ferris Wheel and more!

Remote Control Boats- Ever wanted to take your speedboat on a thrilling ride doing twists and turns on Lake Michigan? Well… the remote control boats are almost as good as the real thing. Eight boats are available for $2 per ride.

Light Tower Ride-This will have the kids going nuts! The Light Tower Ride bounces you up 13 feet near the top and back down again. Guests must be 36” tall to ride if not accompanied by an adult.


Pier Park Tickets and Info

Ticket prices for single rides are $5 per person, with the exception of the Ferris Wheel which is $6. Ticket packages are also available (check website for details.)

What are you waiting for? Go take advantage of Pier Park while you can! Tell us, what do you plan to do?


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