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Navy Pier’s Really Big Halloween Party Costume Contest

October 22, 2011

Every year, you probably spend weeks searching for the perfect Halloween costume. It’s got to be dramatic, something that gets you noticed the minute you enter a room. Or funny—who doesn’t appreciate a clever costume? Or maybe you’ll go for a classic scary look this year with blood and guts and a lifelike mask. If you’ve got kids, you worry over coming up with something creative for them. Do you go the homemade route or stick with something easy and pre-packaged?


But eventually those worries subside; after days and days of pondering, you finally find that idea that clicks. You’ve got yourself a killer costume! But Halloween’s only one day a year and this costume deserves to be worn more than once. How about entering The Really Big Halloween Party Costume Contest at Navy Pier?

When is the Costume Contest?

Every Saturday during October at the Family Pavilion at Navy Pier, revelers are invited to show off their Halloween finery in the biggest costume competition around! Children, teens, and adults are all welcome (see, Halloween is definitely not just for kids!)


The Children’s (ages 12 and under) and Teen (ages 13-17) competitions begin at 3 p.m. each afternoon, while Adults (age 18 and up) are judged at 7 p.m. Registration opens an hour before the contest and closes 15 minutes prior to the contest so make sure you’re on time! And each category can only take a limited number of participants so it definitely doesn’t hurt to come early!


How are costumes judged?

The Costume Contest hosts a slew of great judges from local business representatives to film and stage actors who all know one thing: a good costume when they see one. So what are the judges looking for? Something fun, funky, and eye-catching! First, second, and third place winners will be chosen based on freshness and originality, overall appearance, and presentation. Just a word of warning: the competition will be stiff so make sure you bring your best!


So if you’ve got a Halloween costume this year that you’re awfully proud of, why not enter The Really Big Costume Contest and see if you’re crowned one of Navy Pier’s best!


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