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Neighborhoods of the World – Lithuania

February 2, 2012

Chicago is home to many different cultures filled with diverse cuisines and traditions which make it such a unique and culture filled city!  Navy Pier is proud to celebrate Neighborhoods of the World with live music, dance, colorful costumes, authentic cuisine, folk art and more!  Come every Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. during February 26 – April 15, 2012 and join Navy Pier in celebrating the most important aspect that makes Chicago unique, its people! Enjoy free admission, as always, to an all ages event that celebrates a different culture every weekend!

Join Navy Pier and the Consulate General of Lithuania in celebrating Lithuanian Independence.  Lithuania has a rich history influenced by Soviet Union, Polish, and German history.  Lithuania was the first of the Soviet Union to declare independence after War World II.  The various changes in inhabitants of Lithuania influenced its culture like folk art, music, and cuisine.

Lithuanians in Chicago Neighborhoods

Chicago has the largest Lithuanian population outside of Lithuania referred to as “Little Lithuania”.  The first and most prominent Lithuanian neighborhood in Chicago was Lithuanian Downtown located along Halsted Street  in Marquette Park and founded by Lithuanians who settled near their Polish neighbors.  Today Little Lithuania is the center of Lithuanian culture in North America. It has the only museum about Lithuanians in the western hemisphere called The Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture.

Authentic Lithuanian cuisine features products originating in Lithuania like barely, potatoes, rye, beets and mushrooms.  Popular dishes include pork and potato such as potato pudding or Krugel, potato sausages, and the baroque tree cake known as Sakotis. Other common foods include dumplings, doughnuts, and crepes.

Be immersed in Lithuanian culture with Navy Pier and enjoy authentic cuisine, live music, dance, art and be amazed by Lithuanian colorful costumes! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to bring Little Lithuania all under one roof!


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