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The Reviews Are in for Cirque Shanghai: Warriors

Cirque Shanghai: Warriors has kicked off the summer with some fabulous reviews! Performing 13 shows a week for three months makes it pretty hard to miss it, but sprinkle in these reviews and we’re certain you won’t want to.

10. Foot Juggling (2)

Back for the ninth consecutive summer season with the largest Cirque Shanghai cast to ever visit the U.S., director Miao Miao Chen has managed to conjure up yet another dazzling show. Finding that perfect balance between the oldies but goodies and the brand spanking new has never posed a threat for Chen, and it’s safe to say this year’s “Warriors” is no exception.

4. Hoop Diving

“This is a show for kids of all ages, from 1 – 100. My daughter first experienced Cirque Shanghai at age 2: back then she enjoyed the bright colors, the twinkling stars, the “scary” dragon, and the “princesses” (seemingly dainty acrobats that hide not only incredible strength but also nerves of steel). Today, she, along with her 13-year-old brother, spend most of the show with their eyes wide open, in awe of the bike balancing, motorcycle maneuvering and hoop diving feats of this troupe of talented performers.” –Amy Bizzarri, Choose Chicago

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“Wang Quan has an almost supernatural facility for balancing himself on the board and flipping small bowls from the plank onto his head, with the assistance of a helper recruited from the audience,” says Dan Zeff of Quan (Comedy Bowl Kicker). “The mix of his skills and his ingratiating personality blend into one of the great circus acts I’ve ever seen, and that covers scores of Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers shows.” –Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews

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“Over the years, since first coming to its summer home, Cirque Shanghai has attracted many repeat audiences and each year the show improved. This is a concise and exacting show that keeps the audience on its toes and applauding from start to finish.” –Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

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Warriors delivers its circus goods with impressive, even enthralling, efficiency. These acts are each an art.”

 –Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema

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“…This version, with its warrior theme and infusion of stylized Kung Fu and Wu Shu moves, also features some of the most lavish costumes, lighting and set pieces to date, including a wall inspired by the architecture in Beijing’s Forbidden City.” Recommended –Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

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“Chinese tumblers, acrobats and jugglers show off their skills in Cirque Shanghai: Warriors. This may not be profound art, but it is certainly dazzling artistry.” –Hank Sartin, 10 Things to Do, Crain’s Chicago Business

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3. Water meteor


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