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Snow Days at Navy Pier!

January 6, 2012

“Snow Days” arrives at Navy Pier! Come and feast your eyes on snow sculptures, dog sled racing Demonstrations, snowboard rail competitions and a plethora of kid’s activities. “Snow Days” is a great opportunity to get out during the winter season and enjoy what Navy Pier has to offer.

“Snow Days” is a FREE admission event, so come bundled up and enjoy a full day of family fun at Navy Pier during “Snow Days” in Gateway Park! “Snow Days” will take place January 27-January 29 this year west of the main entrance of Navy Pier!

Professional Artists and Sculptors

“Snow Days” is a fun, festive, one-of-a-kind event featuring teams of professional artists sculpting 10-foot blocks of man-made snow.  Teams of talented artists from around the world gather to create one of a kind sculpting masterpieces.

Snow Days features artists not only from Chicago and neighboring states, but from Canada, Mexico, Bulgaria, China and Russia.  The teams of professional sculptors have been chosen based on pencil sketch drawings that they have submitted and only a lucky few were chosen to participate in “Snow Days”.

Come to Navy Pier and take a look at some of the best work international snow sculptors have to offer.  You don’t have to go far to enjoy something out of this world!

Dog Sled Racing and Weight Pulling

Along with all the winter festivities there will also be demonstrations of dog sled racing and weight pulling by Green Valley Dog Drivers and snowboard rail competitions which were one of the many entertainments from last year’s “Snow Days”.

Warm up a bit from all that cool snow sculptures at the Family Pavilion inside Navy Pier for never-ending family entertainment. Come to Navy Pier January 27-January 29 for “Snow Days” and be prepared to be astonished by these sculptures and winter festivities!


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